Flower Power

We recently stumbled upon an article on cosmoflowers about how the color of flowers affect our mood. It is important that one considers colors when picking out flowers for someone. Keep this information in mind when you order your next arrangement.

Did you know our eyes can see over 7,000 different color combinations. Some colors work harmoniously while can clash and disrupt our mood.

Colors have an influence on our minds, our attitudes, disposition, well-being, and moods.

What emotion do you want to express?


Just as the sun helps improve our moods, so does the yellow flower. How can you refrain from smiling when you spot a vibrant yellow bouquet? The color yellow evokes feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Gift a bouquet accented with yellow flowers to send a message of friendship, new beginnings and happiness.


Orange flowers are not only for the fall seasons; orange symbolizes energy, warmth and conveys a sense of confidence. A orange centerpiece will spice up any room with a sense of passion and enthusiasm.

Red flowers can positively affect your immune system. Arrangements with a pop of red color can bring someone who is feeling fatigued and exhausted to feeling revived and ready to conquer their next big feat. Red is also a symbol of love and has long been associated with beauty and perfection.

Martini Rose Pink
The color pink is associated with grace, romance and happiness. Pink blossomsconvey innocence and joy.

Gift an arrangement with violet to someone who works long hours on the computer. The color is proven to help stimulate mental stimuli and gives off a calming effect. Violet also resembles modesty, candor and innocence and is considered one of the most delicate and previous flowers.

Blue Flowers
From pale blue to midnight sky, the color blue provides a sense of tranquility. Shades of blue can diminish anxiety and offer a cool, calm feeling. Send a blue bouquet to someone to someone who you may have had an argument with to symbolize forgiveness and peace.

Accent your arrangements with a touch of green, green flowers and foliage represent health, resilience, good luck and youthfulness. Send someone a message of optimism and renewal.

The color white symbolizes openness in the western world while in some Asian countries white is used during a mourning period. Soft white gardenias and roses convey a sense of modesty, elegance and kindness. White flowers communicate thoughtful love and loyalty.

Combining all the color combinations flower combinations with many colors convey a promise of adventure and liveliness.


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