Collect things that you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes a story

Coffee Mugs and Flowers
Whenever I travel I like to do this one thing….collect coffee mugs, kinda loosely collect them. OK, my home is not filled with coffee cups and I’m not becoming a hoarder. What I mean by loosely, is that for every one to two new mugs I give away at least one mug.  I look for different structural designs, sizes and, of course color designs.  The new mug has to grab my attention and the mug that I give away, is one that I have used a while or one that no longer holds my attention.
Just like my Paper Fancies flowers are different, making each one hold it’s own character, so are all my coffee mugs. This is the latest mug from my latest trip to mainland and this one had to come home with me. Can you see the flowers all over it?
Ok…. I brought back two mugs…. the blue and purple dotted design and coloring of the other mug, grabbed me and I had no choice by to purchase it and bring it home with me.  I think some of my Paper Fancies may just end up in one of these cups.  I am already seeing the possibilities in my mind’s eye.  Can you see it too?
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