Ideas: Where do they come from

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is: “Where do you get your ideas from”?

The world is full of people with great ideas.  Although most of the ideas can be found on the great world wide web, I have found that the best ideas come from my friends, clients, my FB followers/friends and even from people that I meet when I’m at an exhibit. Once I get an idea in my head, then the composing begins, in my head first, then on paper, then the development. (I’m a retired music teacher, thus the reference)

Recently I was challenged to create a multi color rose by a FB friend.  I have never seen one before so I did a little research on the great world wide web and found lots of information as well as pictures.  These roses are made by splitting the stems into 3 sections and inserting each section in a different color container, leaving it there for a while and watch the white rose turn color.  So I decided to give it a try and see what I could do with it.

The very first Multi Color Rose.

Car Flower Multi Color Rose Bright vs. 2

After showing this rose to my husband (who is my best and most valuable critique) he said: “That’s nice, but it doesn’t look real”.  I was a bit confused, because my flowers are not supposed to look real, rather they are my interpretations of real flowers….so he continued…”the real ones have colors that flow and blend with no more then 3 shades”.

I went back to the great world wide web to look at the real ones again… and he was right.

So I made my second one.

Buy Here

One of my clients gives her daughter a birthday gift that has the rainbow colors in every gift.  It is something that is very special between the two of them that has been going on for years.  Mom asked me to make two of my Car Flowers in the rainbow colors, bright and loud.  Mother and daughter now have the same flower in their cars, feeling the connection even though they live thousands of miles apart.

Multi Color Roses

Paper Fancies…. connecting people with flowers.

Paper Fancies Etsy Store

Car Flower – attach the link to the store to get those or to the Etsy store.  Update the text to include “Live to smell the flowers, don’t text and drive”


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