Tips – Home Decor – Pop it with Color

Green Wreath close up vs1
Green Wreath (click on the picture to shop)

I used to like an all white home, but then the kids came and life moved on and the color combo changed to whatever the kids were into those days.

Those days were wonderful, wouldn’t change anything about it.

I still like an all white home, but now, I pop it with some color.  My Paper Fancies designs are throughout our home, and now that I have picked up crocheting too, I pop it with a crochet accent pillow.

You can start with your front door

Paint it with an inviting color that suits who you are and those that live in your home.  Then place a cheerful wreath that brings a smile to all that walk, drive by or enter your home.
Here’s a wreath that does just that.  This one lives in Texas.  The owner of this Paper Fancies designed wreath, changes the look on her front door when she feels like having this cheerful wreath in her office.

Then when she is working with her clients, she can have the cheerfulness surround her work environment and keep her energy up.

Green Wreath vs2

A different small wreath can also work well hanging on your front door. It has a different expression and you can turn the flowers to the side, “corner” straight up or just leave it as is.  It is a work of art and a great conversation started.

Remember, the wreath does not need to go on the front door, it can go on any wall in any room.  

Wreath Lavender
Lavender Wreath (click on the picture to shop)

One more thing…..they make great gifts for anytime of the year or for a new home owner as a house-warming gift.  

Enjoy giving gifts this year,



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