It’s been awhile….

I have been absent from blogging for quite a while, and am ready to get back into it now.

Lately my mind has been overwhelmed with flower art ideas that I wanted to create. When ever I have an idea for a blog, a stronger picture appears in my head for a new flower art design that it takes over and pushes the blogging to the side.  Then I get lost in the creating expect of art…. painting, adding more colors, cutting more flowers and putting it all together.  Sometimes, some of my art ends up disposed/scrubbed/trashed only to appear again in a more desirable art form.

Such is life, some of our plans and ideas seem great at the start, but then they get scrubbed only to re-apear in a bigger, better and more suitable format to whom we are as individuals.  The beautiful thing about disposing some of our ideas is that from them, greater things come about.

Desk with purple magnet
Purple Magnet

This is my view in front of me as I type this blog.  I keep picking up the purple magnet flower and looking at it closely, seeing all the fine lines that a pain brush, with the help of my hand has created.  I see the dark and light strokes that give it life, depth and character. I see the cuts and sculpting of each petal that molded this flower from a flat piece of paper into a beautiful art form.

Just like you and I, this flower is unique with it’s own lines and distinctions, character and beauty.  Some will love it, others will not so much….but we all will appreciate something about it if we only look a little deeper.

Appreciate something in the next person you see.  They are full of character, only look a little deeper into who they are to see it for yourself.

Just like this flower, you too are special.





One thought on “It’s been awhile….

  1. Thank you Nada for the sweet reminder to find the Special in everyone you know and meet. Precious Advice! We attended the Hawaii Theater’s Special Mother’s Day Program with Peter Apo and many Nahoku hano hano Musicians and it reminded me of the Beauty and Grace of Motherhood. Hope you enjoyed a Wonderful Mother’s Day too!
    God Bless, Lori 🙂


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