About Nada

I am often asked how I got started with creating these paper flowers.

It took just one inquiry from a friend about gift items she needed for her company to put me into a creative mode. I was asked if I knew anyone that made “candy” flower arrangements on the island of Oahu. After thinking about it, looking through my vendor contact list, and looking online, I didn’t find anyone local. I suggested that I could possibly create something like she is looking for, as gifts to her clients. I offered to create a couple of prototypes for her to approve and that it was perfectly OK to say “no”. I came up with a couple of samples and presented it to my potential client. To my surprise, she liked the one with a parasol. I was surprised because, while I thought it was cute, I didn’t think it was cute enough as a corporate gifts. Since I’ve never made anything like this before, I did the best I could. When she placed an order for 36 large and small arrangements, I was elated and knew that I now had to get to work to create impressive corporate gifts.
First, I had to improve on the red parasol, as it was quite unstable and with a couple of trial and errors I came up with the finished product. As I was working on the creative part, and the gift baskets were supposed to look like flower arrangements, I thought each one needed to have a couple of flowers of some kind. I had never made a flower before, but with a little research and practice, I came up with a plan. Each basket included an improved parasol, origami flower and a “rose.” This is how the flowers that I am creating today got their start. One thing leads to another and now almost three years later, I have created many different types of flowers suitable for any occasion.“How do you come up with all these ideas?” I get asked this question many times. The quick answer is: one thing leads to another. You are the ones that give me ideas. You need a gift item and I come up with the solution.

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