Nada did an amazing job creating my wedding bouquet, the groomsmens’ and my dad’s boutonnières. We found her company at the Hawaii World Class Wedding Expo, which happens twice a year at the Hawaii Convention Center. Once I saw her work, I knew that I had to have it for my wedding day. We loved the fact that she hand makes ALL of her flowers. She puts time and effort into making each of her creations a work of art. Nada met with us two times. The first time, we had a consultation with her and discussed ideas of what we wanted. What we wanted was a little different from the work that she was used to doing, but she was VERY accommodating and open to our ideas. For example, she told us that she doesn’t really use glitter on her work, but since she knew that I like glitter, she decided to add a little of it for me. The second time we met with Nada, she showed us samples of what she was going to create for our wedding. They looked amazing and I couldn’t wait for our wedding day to see the final outcome. Also, both times that we met with her, she was kind enough to give us complimentary paper clips with small flowers on them. They were adorable! On our wedding day, even though Nada had recently had surgery, she was gracious enough to walk to both of our hotel rooms to say hi to us and give us our hand made creations. She made our flowers how we wanted them and they came out amazing! She also gave me a vase to hold my flowers in. We greatly appreciated that she took the time out of her day to hand deliver our order! After Melson and I got ready for the ceremony, we left our hotel rooms to see each other for the first time that day. As we were walking down, many strangers would stop and tell me how beautiful my bouquet was. I received compliments on it ALL night long. No one could believe that our flowers were made out of paper! They were SO gorgeous! Nada is GREAT to work with, she answers her emails in a very timely manner, and is super accommodating. She is an AMAZING woman who creates BEAUTIFUL handmade flowers that will last forever. If you want something original, don’t hesitate to contact Nada. She is THE BEST! -Lynn and Melson Wong


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